Drug Discovery Positions Available: 

  • Postdoc Positions:

Graduate students expect to complete a doctorate degree in 2024/early 2025 are encouraged to apply.

Peptide chemistry, Medicinal chemistry and Structure-guided drug discovery : Our lab is working to understand the molecular mechanisms leading to efficient elicitation of tumor vulnerability for potent cancer targeting. We develop Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) therapeutic strategies to abrogate or rewire cancer cell signaling. We have recently established a new discovery platform to expand the landscape of TPD E3 ligases and targeting modalities beyond conventional small molecules (Genes & Development (2022) 36:1031-1042.; Genes & Development (2023) 37: 1-17).  For this open position, the project direction will be focused on continuing developing and validating novel TPD molecules to target undruggable proteins.

Expertise in organic synthesis, peptide/ natural product/macrocycle chemistry, or chemical biology related to medicinal chemistry are highly desired. For immediate consideration, please include your CV & Cover letter, and a brief Research Plan to jyeh@cshl.edu.

Biochemistry, Cell Biology or Systems & Chemical Biology : Part of our efforts in functional and mechanistic characterization of experimental therapeutics, we are looking for postdoc fellows with expertise in biochemistry, enzymology, cell biology or systems and chemical biology. Experience with protein ubiquitination/degradation, protein trafficking, and cellular redox regulation are greatly appreciated. This postdoc fellow will be part of a new Chemical Biology initiative at CSHL.

  • Research Technician Position:

(Students expect to graduate in 2025 are highly encouraged to reach out now.)

Drug discovery & Chemical biology: Graduates interested in drug discovery and chemical biology are welcome to apply. This position requires at least a Bachelor’s degree as Chemistry/Biochemistry major (or demonstrating the competency in Organic Chemistry), and successfully completed courses in organic chemistry with synthetic organic chemistry or bio-organic chemistry lab experiences. This researcher will be part of a new Chemical Biology initiative at CSHL.

The Yeh Lab is a vibrant and  highly collaborative research group with state of the art facilities and expertise in biotherapeutics engineering. This postdoctoral fellow will take responsibility of conducting independent research as well as collaborating with other members in the group. The Yeh Lab also engages in several close collaborations with other research groups at the Cancer Center. The postdoctoral fellow will enjoy the highly intellectual and collaborative interactions at CSHL. The Yeh Lab also has close collaborations with clinical centers and pharmaceutical industry to conduct translational & clinical research to move our discoveries from bench to patients. Nurturing entrepreneurship is also part of our lab culture.

Interested applicant, with great passion in science, good working ethic and personal skills working independently as well as within a team, should send a  Cover Letter, CV (with the contacts of three referees) and a summary of  Research Interests/Plans to jyeh [at] cshl.edu.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory offers a highly collaborative social and scientific environment as well as a competitive salary and benefits in a beautiful location about one hour from New York City.

  • PhD & MSc Opportunities: 

Graduates interested in pursuing PhD or Master degree research in drug discovery and chemical biology are welcome to contact Dr. Johannes Yeh (jyeh@cshl.edu) for further discussion.

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2023 Summer Group Photo

Current Lab Members

Johannes Yeh DDS PhD

Johannes Yeh DDS PhD

Chief Brewmaster & Executive Chef, The Yeh Lab

EMAIL: jyeh@cshl.edu

Carmelita Bautista

Carmelita Bautista

Senior Research Associate & Manager

"Madame Antibody"

Melissa Daley

Melissa Daley

Scientific Administrator

The Super Admin

Nandhini KP, PhD

Nandhini KP, PhD

Postdoc Fellow

Peptide Chemistry

Brian Farrell

Brian Farrell

Post-baccalaureate Researcher

The "MacGyver" Chemist & Yeh Lab BBQ chef

Phoebe Fechtmeyer

Phoebe Fechtmeyer

Post-baccalaureate Researcher

Biomolecular Engineering + Science manga artist & Yeh Lab barista

Ryan Yang, MSc

Ryan Yang, MSc

Visiting Computer Scientist

Computational Biology and Structure Simulation Geek & Ski instructor

Perry Axelrod

Perry Axelrod

Visiting Student

assistant "Molecule Gardener" & new lab sheriff

Saira Malik

Saira Malik

Regeneron STS Student Researcher

The Budding Scientist & Karate + Taekwando girl

Ania Kelly

Ania Kelly

Partner For the Future Program Student Researcher

The Budding Scientist & another ski instructor at the Yeh Lab


Lab Alumni

Alexa DeAngelis

Research Technician. New position upon leaving: UCSF PharmD-PhD student

Claire Uhlman

Research Technician. New position upon leaving: MD program, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland

Ella Kosciusko

HS Intern. New position upon leaving: UNC Chaple Hill graduate & coming Emory Univ. Nursing School Program

Michelle Yang

HS Intern. New position upon leaving: Stony Brook University, MD-BA Program

Audrey Fahey

Researcher Technician. New position upon leaving CSHL: NCSU PhD Program

Megan Chamberland

Post-Baccalaureate Researcher. New position upon leaving: Wash. U at St. Louis, PhD Program

Fabian Gerth

Postdoc Fellow & Yeh Lab pastry chef. New position upon leaving: Scientist and Teaching Staff, MSB Medical School Berlin

Emma Sarner

HS Intern. Position upon leaving: American University

Shreya Motaganahalli

HS Intern. New position upon leaving: Stony Brook University

Anna Catherine Unser

Research Assistant. Position upon leaving: Baylor College of Medicine PhD Program

Madison Kallman

Research Assistant. Position upon leaving: U of Toronto Law School

Ava Su

HS Intern. Position upon leaving: Emory University

Zhe Qian (Changer)

Co-Supervisee PhD student (Tonks Lab). New position: Senior Scientist, Merck & Co.