About the Lab

The Yeh Lab focuses on cancer biology and drug discovery. We engineer biologics, natural product (NP)-like molecules and cells as therapeutics and diagnostics. We integrate chemistry and engineering disciplines to understand the design principles of biological systems and to develop therapies. To this end, we employ biotechnology, molecular engineering and chemical biology approaches to create molecules acting on signal transduction machineries in order to abrogate pathological cell signaling or to activate anti-tumor immunity. The ultimate goal is to develop next-generation therapeutics and diagnostics for better disease treatments.

What’s Up

  • 2024: Yes, We Are RECRUITING (Postdocs, Research Techs, Undergrads & talented High School Students)!!!

  • Apr 2024: Congratulations on Madi’s acceptance to U.of Toronto law school; Brian @ SBU Molecular Pharmacology PhD program; Audrey @ NCSU Genomics PhD program; Saira’s offer @ Cornell Univ for yr. 2025.
  • Jan 2024: Congratulations on Changer (Zhe Qian)’s new position as senior scientist at Merck & Co.  Let’s wish him well for the next chapter.
  • Dec 2023: Congratulations on Ania’s acceptance to MIT! Well done Ania!
  • Jul 2023: Our PTPRD-manipulating mAb paper is now accepted- a great demonstration of engineered antibody valency on manipulating receptor type PTP signaling and activity.
  • Jun 2023: Michelle Yang leading 2023 Stony Brook Univ. iGEM team (Grand Jamboree 2023 October in Paris)!
  • Jun 2023: Welcome Perry, Ania & Saira to the lab! Shreya’s back to lab!
  • Jun 2023: Congratulations on Anna’s acceptance to Baylor College of Medicine & Ella to Emory Univ.!
  • Feb 2023: Congratulations to Ava’s acceptance to Emory Univ!
  • Aug 2022: Our new paper on Targeted Protein Degradation in Genes & DevelopmentCongratulations to the project team.
  • May 2022: Welcome Anna Catherine, Marina and Phoebe joining the lab!
  • May 2022: Congratulations to Emma and Shreya going to college!
  • Feb 2022: Congratulations to Megan’s acceptance by Washington Univ in St Louis PhD program
  • Sep 2021: Welcome Emma and Shreya joining the lab
  • May 2021: Welcome Madi to the lab
  • May 2021: Congratulations to Ryan for passing Master thesis defense. 
  • Apr 2021: Congratulations to Michelle’s acceptance by Stony Brook University BS/MD program
  • Feb 2021: Congratulations to Ryan’s Computer Science PhD Program acceptance & full scholarship package offer at Northeastern Univ.
  • Oct 2020: Our new manuscript is available on BioRxiv (great collaboration with Tuveson Lab)
  • Feb 2020: Welcome Brian joining the lab
  • August 2019: Welcome Megan and Ryan joining the lab
  • April 2019: Congratulations to Claire’s Med School acceptance.
  • Sep 2018: Our work on targeting TME (in collaboration with Egeblad lab) is published in Science.
  • Sep 2018: Our collaboration work on site-specific protein conjugation (with Raj Lab, Auburn University) is published in Organic Letters
  • May 2017: Congratulations to Alexa for receiving the Fulbright Scholarship! Featured in current issue of LabDish(http://labdish.cshl.edu/2017/04/28/alexa-deangelis-didnt-see-a-place-for-herself-in-science-so-shes-making-one/)